KANSAI Close-up

Ise Jingu Sanctuary's Geku Kaguraden rebuilt

Japan's major construction firm, Shimizu Corp. has completed the reconstruction of Jingu Geku (where the great deity Toyouke Omikami are worshiped) Kaguraden (the hall of prayer for worshippers to grant the individual requests) by putting its contemporary high technology to recreate the traditional ancient Japanese structure.
Designing and executing construction work, Shimizu dismantled the original Kaguraden, which had become dilapidated after having stood for more than a hundred years, and rebuilt it in Ise City, Mie Prefecture. The construction area covers 1,416 square meters and the total floor area extends to 1,489 square meters. The previous design was respected while complying the current Building Standards Act which bans the construction of wooden buildings that exceed 1,000 square meters, therefore the steel frame construction system was introduced. The reconstruction of the Kaguraden 'Sophisticated in a Japanese way, as well as simple, flexible and resilient in its beauty' has now been completed.
For the structural eaves, which are considered the most difficult part in designing Japanese traditional buildings, Shimizu utilized their own unique system. 'The computer aided eaves edge curve design assistance and drafting system.' Shimizu used the system to study and determine the precise curve of the eaves.
A variety of ideas were put into practice such as how to preserve the three camphor trees in the construction site to ensure they harmonized with the Kaguraden, to recycle old materials and to adopt an idea of sustainable traditional structure; i.e. the easy replacement of decayed parts.