KANSAI Close-up

International symposium on information technology in Osaka

The International Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS) and the Kansai Economic Federation will jointly hold an international symposium on information technology at the Osaka International Convention Center on January 19, 2001. The theme of the symposium will be 'Information Technology and Man's Future-Beyond the Revolution.'
The International Institute for Advanced Studies has been holding discussions on the future of the highly advanced information society with the participation of engineers, business people, members of the mass media and researchers, among others.
The symposium is aimed at presenting results of their discussions on what role engineers would play in the highly advanced information society after the IT revolution and what the mass media and society should do there. The institute hopes that exchanges with members of the audience would help enhance the institute's futurist approach.
The symposium will open with a speech by Toshio Sawada, director of the institute, and an introduction by Toshiyuki Sakai, honorary professor at Kyoto University and an IIAS academic counselor. This will be followed by panel discussions with Toshihiko Hayashi, professor at the Osaka School of International Public Policy, serving as coordinator.