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NIRO develops ring-shaped sensor for measuring pulse rate

The New Industry Research Organization (NIRO), Chuo Ward of Kobe City, has developed a health care system that measures the pulse with a ring-shaped sensor. The sensor, worn on a finger like a ring, automatically measures the pulse and sends the data by radio to the medical center to which the ring is connected. NIRO says that the system will be useful for elderly persons who live alone.
When the fingers are in light, the light absorption rate rises or falls depending on whether blood vessels extend or contract due to changes in blood pressures. By checking the changes, pulse frequency can be determined in wave patterns.
The sensor uses red light and infrared light, because the light absorption rate differs depending on whether or not the hemoglobin in blood vessels is tied to oxygen and whether or not the light is red or infrared. Analysis of results of the test makes it possible to grasp the degree of oxygen saturation.
NIRO plans to upgrade the sensor so that it will be able to analyze the wave patterns and measure the degree of oxygen saturation more accurately and further cut down on noise. The organization hopes to further miniaturize the device.
For inquiries, please contact First Division, NIRO (E-mail nakasima@ri.niro.or.jp URL http://www.niro.or.jp/)