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[Columns]Large loop expressway

However, the excessive concentration of the expressway network often brings trouble. How to ease traffic congestion in Suita in Osaka Prefecture, a typical example, is the largest project in and after next fiscal year. To be promoted is a plan to construct a Large Kansai Loop Highway centering on the Keinawa Expressway so that vehicles trying to enter Suita are to be diverted to Osaka through the loop highway. The next project is the construction of the Kitan Route connecting Wakayama with Awaji Island, and the Bay Area Highway Network centering on Kansai International Airport (KIX).
Conspicuous in economic stimulating measures is public investment in social overhead capital. Takemura said the expansion and improvement of social overhead capital should be considered not only from a 100-year perspective and but also from the viewpoint of economic stock. The administration side should shift its emphasis from what to build to why to build, and law was revised to incorporate accountability, he stressed.
In the new fiscal year, large projects in the Kansai region toward the 21st century, including the construction of the Universal Studios Japan (USJ) and the second phase work at KIX, will be in progress. It is hoped that the remaining two years in the 20th century would be the years for the expansion and improvement of social overhead capital to be shifted from the ""20th century Japan type"" to a ""21st century one."" (J)