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Construction of ""Asutamu Land Tokushima"" starts

The Tokushima Prefectural Government has started the construction of a large-scale ""experience-type"" park with a lot space of 24 hectare, called ""Asutamu Land Tokushima,"" in Itano-county, at a total cost of 24.6 billion yen for opening in fiscal 2001.
""Asutamu"" is a compound Japanese word that means to bring out a lot of dreams of the future. The park, to be built as interchange facilities making use of Tokushima's rich nature with a concept of ""water, green and light,"" will be comprised of a large-size park and a science museum for children.
In the large-size park, there will be the ""Water Ride"" where visitors can enjoy artificial experiences of sailing down the Yoshino River in a small ship and observing whirlpools in the Naruto straits. At the 130-seat ""Kaleido Theater,"" visitors can see the four seasons in Tokushima through a visionary kaleidoscope reflex. There will also be an outdoor playing facility and a windmill, which is to become the landmark of the park.
The science museum for children on the theme of ""harmony between scientific technology and natural environment"" will have a planetarium with an inclined dome 20 meters in diameter which can accommodate up to 190 people. An exhibition site and a facility where visitors can experience various scientific matters will also be built outside the museum. Therefore, it will be a unique ""experience- and nature utilization-type"" museum.
In addition, an exhibition utilizing excellent technologies of business enterprises in the prefecture will be set up.