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3rd Osaka International Chamber Music Competition & Festa

A total of 722 musicians from 202 organizations in 46 countries will take part in the ""3rd Osaka International Chamber Music Competition & Festa"" to be held in May 1999, the Japan Chamber Music Foundation (JCMF) said. The number is considerably larger than the 626 applicants from 173 organizations in 38 countries registered in the previous competition.
There were many applications from organizations which have won high-ranking awards in famous competitions overseas.
The reason both the number of applications and their quality rose in such a way is thought because the Osaka event was admitted to the World Federation of International Music Competitions in its general conference in May 1997, and recognized as the world's first-class musical competition.
The ""Competition"" will bring together 289 musicians from 77 groups who will compete in string trio, string quartet, piano trio, piano quartet and woodwind quintet.
The ""Festa,"" in which any music style and any instrument used in traditional and folk music are acceptable, will have 433 participants from 125 groups.
The ""Osaka International Chamber Music Competition & Festa"" has been held every three years since 1993 as a gateway to success for young instrumentalists across the world.