KANSAI Close-up

Int'l business show to promote imports

The Osaka prefectural government will hold the FAZ-Osaka Business Network '98 from February 18-19 at Rinku Gate Tower Building. The annual event includes an exhibition of imported goods and business talks.
The event is designed to promote global business exchange and create business opportunities in Rinku Town, a foreign access zone located across from the offshore Kansai International Airport.
The event aims to help the import of foreign goods and attract foreign businesses to Rinku Town. About 50 firms from 12 countries/territories will exhibit their products.
In assisting foreign and domestic participants, the event will also provide wide-ranging services before, during and after the event, some of which are the arrangement of business meetings and after-meeting follow-up. The services will be offered in cooperation with the International Business Organization of Osaka.
The exhibition will feature health and sports-related goods reflecting the recent rise of interest in health and the selection of Osaka as one of the host cities for the 2002 World Cup football tournament.