KANSAI Close-up

Cyber ceramics museum built in Kyoto

The Kyoto Prefectural Virtual Museum of Ceramics was recently inaugurated, based on the results of the Kyoto Digital Design Joint Research Project by academic, business and governmental concerns in the prefecture.
The museum exhibits about 100 ceramic works that represent Kyoto's traditional handicrafts by state-of-the art digital technology combining three-dimensional images, audio/textual data and others.
The name of the artist or the form of the work can be used to retrieve the work, which can be viewed from any angle. Viewers are able to make changes in the pattern and shape of the image and experience the creation of ceramics in a virtual workshop. The museum of this kind is the world's first electronic archive produced in VRML, a computer language that has become a de-facto global standard for processing and exchanging 3-D images.
The digital design joint project has been researching the digitalization of 3-D shapes and designs.