KANSAI Close-up

Anti-quake table protects art objects from shakes

Shimizu Corp. and one other company have developed a special seismic isolation table that is designed to fit under a display case for cultural artifacts and art objects and protect those items on display and their showcases from toppling over and getting damaged during an earthquake.
Horizontal shaking during an earthquake is the main type of movement that can cause objects to fall over, and the new table can dampen this motion to less than one-tenth the earthquake force.
In tests recreating the seismic waves that were recorded during the Great Hanshin Earthquake, the new table was able to reduce the motion to less than one-twelfth the applied force, such that even tall slender objects did not topple over.
Because the seismic isolation table is only 7.3cm tall, it can be placed under the display case without greatly affecting the height of the display or its illumination. Thus, existing facilities can be used as they are.
A standard-size table measures 90cm x 90cm, but numerous tables can be assembled together to fit under display cases of any size and shape.
In addition to museums, the anti-quake tables can be used in hospitals under large medical equipment and medicine cabinets, in temples under images of Buddha, and in research laboratories under precision instruments, to name but a few.
A table can handle loads of up to around 4 tons. Because the device has a simple structure, no inspections or adjustments are necessary after it has been put in place.