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[Columns]From Kyoto to the world

Organizations monitoring climate change predict that, if present trends go unchecked, the earth's average temperatures will be 2 C higher by the end of the 21st century.This would have catastrophic consequences for the global environment, including a rise in oceanic water levels and increased frequency of natural disasters, which would threaten the basis of human existence.Human beings are responsible for the excessive rise in carbon dioxide levels.It is up to us, therefore, to find a solution to this problem so as not to burden future generations, and COP3 will be the launching pad for concerted actions in this direction.Kyoto Mayor Masumoto, speaking at the Kansai Press Club in Osaka on December 2, had this to say: ""If a new protocol is signed, it will be called the Kyoto Protocol, making Kyoto's name known to the world and to future generations.We will do our utmost to make COP3 a success.""