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[Columns]Kansai Is One'

Third, we must share our prosperity with the Asia-Pacific region.At the Osaka APECMeetings, the leaders of the participating economies agreed to translate the "vision" of economic liberalization into concrete "action."The Osaka-Kansai region must not miss this opportunity to build an infrastructure transforming it into the center of the Asia-Pacific region in many fields of endeavor, including the development of small and medium-size companies, the fostering of human resources, and protecting the environment.Through such efforts, lasting harmony in this part of the world through mutual cooperation and prosperity will be assured.To achieve all of these goals, it is incumbent upon us to break down the walls created by regulation and our vertical system of administration and instead, integrate the resources of industry, government, academia and our citizens.We must also urge cities in the Kansai region to join together to achieve the goals we have set.The Kansai business community, which already operates in a borderless environment, is determined to offerassistance to help enhance "lateral cooperation" among all members of the region based on the principle that "Kansai Is One."