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GEC World-wide Web page features environmental tech

The Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC) opened, on December 20, Japan's first WWW home page on the Internet dedicated to information on environmental protection technology.
GEC's objective is to support the U.N. Environmental Technology Centre (UNEP/IETC), and the home page is part of its support activities.
The GEC home page features a database, compiled with the cooperation of the Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers, introducing environmental equipment developed in Japan.
Currently the database, available both in Japanese and English, introduces machinery and equipment to combat air pollution.Eventually, information on more than 400 devices to treat waste water, industrial waste, noise pollution and vibration will be added.The GEC hopes its home page will help developing countries in their environmental protection efforts.
UNEP/IETC is now building a database of the world's environmental technology.GEC and the UNEP/IETC plan to combine their databases into a world-class reference on environmental technology.
Internet address: http://www.unep.or.jp/gec/.