KANSAI Close-up

Doyukai, Stanford to cooperate on new industry development

The Kansai Association of Corporate Executives (Doyukai) will start a joint research program with Stanford University from 1996 on themes such as development of new industries and security in Asia-Pacific region.Doyukai hopes to promote development of new industries in the Kansai region, following the example of Stanford's industrial and academic cooperation with new companies in Silicon Valley.
The Stanford Venture Forum (tentative name) will be set up to oversee the research effort.By the end of 1996, a symposium will be held in the U.S. on Japan-U.S. relations, security and promotion of new industries.Thereafter, a symposium will be held each year alternating betweensites in Japan and the U.S.
On new industry development, Doyukai will set up a study group made up mainly of officials from its member corporations to learn about Stanford's methods in this area.The group will also study the possibility of participating in a program for new industry promotion at the university.
The tie-up with the university is also expected to help Doyukai establish a think tank, the Asia Pacific Strategic Study Center (tentative name).