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Kansai's 100 best night viewing sights picked

The Kansai Association of Corporate Executives on December 20 selected Kansai遮s 100 best night scenes and is displaying them on the Internet.
From six prefectures in the region, the business group selected 10 night scene spots in each of 10 categories, such as distant views, views from tall buildings and sunsets, based on recommendations from architect Tadao Ando and other advisers.
The designated sights are intended to spotlight the amenity, vigor and beauty of the cities they symbolize.People can enjoy night views because the cities are active and safe.The vigor is represented by neon signs and car headlights in the lively amusement sections of Kansai.
Visitors drawn to such views may help the economy as they rent hotel rooms, shop and dine at restaurants.City lights are dense in Kansai and the many surrounding mountains offer nice views of the cities at night.Osaka, facing the sea to the west, also provides good locations for seeing the setting sun.
Kansai's beautiful night scenes are backed by cultural heritage, such as the Asuka region, temples and shrines.Kansai, which has served as the gateway to Japan since the ancient times, now offers up-to-date facilities at such places as Kansai International Airport and the waterfront.The beauty of nature - fireflies by clear rivers, flowers and twinkling stars - can be also enjoyed near the urban areas.
Internet address: http://www.ksi.cae.ntt.jp/doyukai/index.html.