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2021 World Masters Games will be held in Kansai―the first WMG in Asia

 While a nation-wide surge is expected as a result of the decision to hold the Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo in 2020, the World Masters Games (WMG), another lifelong sports event will be held in the Kansai region in the following year, 2021.
 WMG is an international sports event for the middle-aged and elderly. First established in 1985, this event is held every four years in principle. This first WMG in Asia can be expected to attract a record number of 50,000 participants, and its economic ripple effect has been projected in a trial calculation to total at least 14 billion yen.
 The duration of WMG is about 10 days, during which approximately 30 events will be held, including track and field, soccer, and baseball.
 Since visitors for WMG are also expected to stay for sightseeing before and after the event, this is expected to help revitalize tourism-related industries and culture, as well as to promote international exchanges through its sports tourism aspect. In particular, since the Kansai region has very high potential for hospitality and volunteer spirit, with many attractive historical and cultural resources and tourist attractions, this event is expected to lead to a region-wide economic revitalization.
Signing ceremony for the World Masters Games 2021 in Kansai  Left: Toshizo Ido, Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the World Masters Games 2021 in Kansai (President of the Union of Kansai Governments, Governor of Hyogo Prefecture), Right: Kai Holm, President of the International Masters Games Association
Contact : Secretariat of the Preparatory Committee of the World Masters Games 2021 in Kansai
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