KANSAI Close-up

90% of foreign tourists to Japan were “satisfied” with Osaka―the food was delicious and people kindly acted as guides

  The Osaka Government Tourism Bureau, which comprises Osaka prefectural and municipal governments and economic circles in the Kansai region, conducted a questionnaire survey of foreign tourists to Osaka, and more than 90% of the respondents answered “Satisfied with my stay in Osaka.”
   The survey was conducted over three months from April 2013 at the International Departures Lobby of Kansai International Airport in a direct interview-based questionnaire style, and responses were received from approximately 4,700 people.
   People who had visited Osaka for the first time accounted for 63% of those respondents, and 96% of those people answered “Hope to visit Osaka again.” What stood out among the responses regarding their stay in Osaka, with responses of “Satisfied” amounting to 97% of the total responses, were such responses as “The food is delicious” and “Even non-English-speaking people kindly led the way,” which represented the strength of Osaka and Osaka people’s kindness.
   Furthermore, we received many instructive responses such as “Hope for more easy-to-read foreign languages on railway maps” and “Hope for sightseeing buses to visit tourist attractions.”
   The Bureau commented: “To attain the goal of attracting 6.5 million foreign tourists in 2020, we would like to use the responses to this survey to further increase the attractiveness of Osaka.”

Osaka Castle
“Takoyaki” (Japanese octopus dumpling balls), one of Osaka’s specialties
Neon signs in Dotombori
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