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Kokuryu’s “Shizuku” from Fukui won first place in the daiginjo-shu category in the popular local sake rankings

   “Kokuryu Shizuku” by Kokuryu Shuzo (Eiheiji-cho, Fukui Prefecture) won first place for the sixth time in the daiginjo-shu (top-quality sake brewed from rice grains milled to 50% or less of their weight) category of the “popular local sake brand ranking 2013 - 2014” by a popularity vote among izakaya (a type of Japanese drinking establishment) throughout Japan, marking its fourth consecutive win.

   In this ranking, Fullnet (Tokyo), which publishes books related to sake and conducts project management for events related to sake, ranked local sakes according to the categories that are said to comprise approximately 10,000 local sake products throughout Japan. The rankings were based on the total points for the top five local sakes in each category, which had been selected from among 855 sakes of 355 brands that won votes from those izakaya and restaurants throughout Japan. The awards gave 50 points to the first place winner, 40 points to second place, 30 points to third place, 20 points to fourth place and 10 points to fifth place for the five most popular items.

   Eleven sakes from the Kokuryu brand, including “Kokuryu Shizuku,” ranked in the top 30 in all 6 categories, and in the popular brand ranking from among all the brands, Kokuryu won second place. This survey has been conducted every other year since 1993, with this ranking book marking its 20th anniversary and 11th publication.

   President Naoto Mizuno of Kokuryu said, “I am proud that our serious sake brewing has been valued highly and supported, which I appreciate very much.”

Kokuryu Shizuku and Ranking Book
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