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Osaka selected among “52 Places to Go in 2017” by The New York Times

 Osaka was recently selected among the “52 Places to Go in 2017,” the 12th annual list compiled by the New York Times. This is the first time Osaka has been ranked on the list independently, apart from the Kansai region, where Osaka is located, which has been chosen in past rankings.
The “52 Places to Go in 2017” feature selected 52 total locations, including countries and cities. Osaka was ranked 15th and the Ryukyu Islands was 52nd, following Canada and the Atacama Desert in Chile.
On their website, the New York Times introduces Osaka with a photo depicting the neon-lit Dotonbori neighborhood at dusk, commenting, “If Kyoto represents Japan’s spirit, and Tokyo its heart, Osaka is the country’s insatiable appetite. ... and in the 91 Michelin-starred restaurants spread throughout the city.” It also suggests readers visit Osaka to enjoy the International Festival Utage (“feast”) 2017 held from April 28.

The International Festival Utage is one of the largest food events in Japan, held every four years. This year’s 9th event will feature Japanese traditional cuisine, which has been added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list, and Japanese culture. The event will be held at Intex Osaka (Suminoe-ku, Osaka City) from April 28 to May 7 under the theme, “Festivals of Japan; Comparison of Flavors of Japan,” aiming to share Japanese hospitality and vitality with people both in Japan and overseas by widely promoting the attractiveness of Japanese foods and festivals unique to each region.

Dotonbori in Osaka, ©Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau
Logo of the International Festival Utage 2017
Festival venue