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Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture—filming location of “Chihayafuru”—wins the Grand Prize at the 7th Location Japan Awards

 Otsu City (Shiga Prefecture), the filming location of “Chihayafuru—Kami no Ku/Shimo no Ku,” and the film won the Grand Prize at the 7th Location Japan Awards, which was established to honor films, TV dramas and their filming locations that contributed to revitalizing local tourism.
The Awards were founded in 2011 by Chiikikassei Planning, a Tokyo-based company that issues the information magazine Rokēshon Japan [Location Japan], which introduces filming locations of films and TV dramas shot in Japan.
The 7th Location Japan Awards covered films and TV dramas that aired or screened between November 2015 and September 2016. A total of 21 works and locations were nominated and voted on by readers in four evaluation categories, including their popularity, and how much support was provided by the location.
Otsu City started promoting Omi Shrine as a mecca of karuta (Japanese traditional card game) even before the film opened in March 2016. In cooperation with the Shiga Location Office, the City took various promotional measures, such as publishing a filming location map in different languages for overseas tourists, operating wrapped trains, and creating souvenirs. These efforts resulted in increasing the number of visitors to Omi Shrine to 462,000, up 26% from 2016 and generating 712 million yen.
Having established a system of promoting local communities as filming locations together with public and private organizations, Shiga Prefecture also won the grand prize in 2014 for the film Rurouni kenshin.

Filming Chihayafuru (Omi Shrine in Otsu City)
Wrapped train of Keihan Electric Railway designed with collaboration between the film Chihayafuru and its original comics (provided by the Shiga Location Office)
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