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Longest in Japan? Dragon sculpture at Kanzaki Shrine in Kotoura-cho, Tottori Prefecture

 A dragon sculpture at Kanzaki Shrine located in Kotoura-cho, Tottori Prefecture, is drawing attention from inside and outside the prefecture because it might be the longest one in Japan.
Although it is not exactly clear, Kanzaki Shrine was said to have been constructed at the end of the Muromachi period to enshrine Susanoo-no-Mikoto, a god said to have ruled the seas. The shrine is popularly known as “Kojin-san” by locals, and believed to ensure maritime safety.
The dynamically curved dragon sculpture is located at the gohai (roof built over the steps leading up to a temple building) of the worship hall built in 1879. This is a power spot, and it is said that if you stand right under the gem grasped by the dragon, you will receive good fortune.
In June 2016, the size of the dragon was measured by a 3D method and its total length determined to be about 16 meters, with a body width of about 30 centimeters (and estimated waist circumference of about 1 meter). The dragon sculpture currently recognized as the longest is located on the ceiling of the worship hall at Takio Shrine in Kyoto, measuring eight meters long.
While asking for information on dragon sculptures from all over Japan, the Kotoura-cho Tourist Association is now considering various measures of how to promote their longest dragon sculpture and attract tourists.
Dragon sculpture located at the gohai of the worship hall①
Dragon sculpture located at the gohai of the worship hall②
Worship hall of Kanzaki Shrine
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