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Tomogashima Lighthouse Recognized as a “Romantic Lighthouse” by Nippon Romanticist Association and Nippon Foundation

 Tomogashima Lighthouse in Kada, Wakayama City was recognized as one of Japan’s romantic lighthouses by the Romantic Lighthouse Project, which is run in partnership with the Nippon Romanticist Association (NRA) (Nagasaki Pref.) and the Nippon Foundation (Tokyo). Launched in 2016, the project aims to rediscover the value of lighthouses as a local tourist attraction and to raise public interest in the ocean.

   Most of the approximately 1,600 NRA members are advertising agents, business leaders and intellectuals who are active around the country. Consisting mainly of experts chosen from the NRA members, the selection committee for the Romantic Lighthouse Project examines lighthouses based on a set of criteria, such as whether the place makes couples feel greater love for each other, whether the way to the lighthouse shortens the emotional distance between couples, and whether the ocean view makes visitors feel that they have come to the farthest land. The selection committee has so far selected 21 lighthouses located in 20 prefectures among about 3,000 lighthouses in Japan.

   Tomogashima Lighthouse is an approximately 12-meter-high Western-style lighthouse built in 1872 and is now a registered tangible cultural property of Japan. It still serves as a navigational aid for ships crossing the Kitan Strait. The white lighthouse, standing facing Awaji Island, makes a beautiful contrast with the blue sea. Home to ruins of fort facilities such as gun batteries, the islands of Tomogashima have become popular since the landscape very much looks like the world depicted in the Japanese animated movie Castle in the Sky, also known as Laputa: Castle in the Sky.
   The lighthouse is open to the public twice a year, in spring and autumn. During the lighthouse open days, visitors can go inside, visit an upper room, and enjoy a magnificent view from there.
Tomogashima Lighthouse, recognized as a “romantic lighthouse”
Abandoned fort facilities with a gun battery with the atmosphere of Castle in the Sky
fort facilities
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