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“Scarecrow Village” attracts international tourists — Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture

 The small village of Nagoro, located deep in the mountains in Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture, is now called the Scarecrow Village because of the life-sized dolls outnumbering the human villagers. After the village was featured on some overseas websites, it has attracted many visitors from both inside and outside the country.
 Located about two-and-a-half-hours’ drive from the city center of Tokushima, Nagoro flourished with the forestry industry and dam projects in the past, with some 600 residents at its peak. However, the village is now populated by 40 or so people, the majority of whom are over 65 years old.
 A local woman, Tsukimi Ayano (67), started making scarecrows in 2003 to ward off birds and animals from her fields. She modeled her first scarecrow after her father. Finding that the doll put up in the field helped soften the lonely impression of the landscape, she has been making scarecrows ever since.
 There are currently some 200 scarecrows dotted around the village, such as at a bus stop, in fields, and in and around houses. Each of them is given a specific profile, such as age and gender as well as name, occupation and even personality. Being dressed and taking a pose according to their respective occupations and ages, these scarecrows look much like people going about their daily business.
 The idyllic landscape of the mountain village pleases the eyes of visitors from Japan and abroad alike.
Scarecrows waiting for a bus.
A scarecrow standing on the road.
Scarecrows attending a class
at school.
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