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Kansai specialties recommended for international visitors by the Kansai Economic Federation

 Kansai Economic Federation (Kankeiren) has published its “Hanayaka Kansai Selection 2016,” a list of local specialties recommended for international visitors to the Kansai region’s ten prefectures. The selection, the first ever to be compiled by Kankeiren, was published as part of the organization’s 70th anniversary program. Kankeiren aims to widely promote the selected products as Kansai brands by showing them on Japanese and other language tourism websites, and by displaying them at Kankeiren’s shop in Taiwan.
   “Hanayaka Kansai (The Flower of Japan—Kansai)” was created by Kankeiren in 2009 as a catchphrase expressing the core branding concept for Kansai’s regional offerings. The selection criteria of “Hanayaka Kansai Selection 2016” includes future growth potential as a local specialty, innovation relevant to current times, and authentic quality that meets the satisfaction of discerning international customers. A total of ten products, one from each of the ten prefectures, were selected from the approximately 300 candidates. A further three products were selected for special awards by jury members.
   The ten “Hanayaka Kansai Selection 2016” products are as follows: Janome Umbrella from Fukui Prefecture, Kamadosan earthenware rice cooker from Mie Prefecture, ReEDEN reed brush pen from Shiga Prefecture, Gofun Nail Polish from Kyoto Prefecture, Takarazukushi Monaka sweets from Osaka Prefecture, Roots Shawl from Hyogo Prefecture, Design Setta SANGO from Nara Prefecture, Umeshu Haruka from Wakayama Prefecture, Chiyomusubi Junmai Daiginjo Goriki 40 from Tottori Prefecture, and Aizome Uchiwa Danzome fan from Tokushima Prefecture. Selected for special awards were Kakitane Kitchen’s Kakitane rice crackers from Osaka Prefecture, Katayaki crackers from Mie Prefecture, and Yu Nakagawa Hanafukin dish cloth from Nara Prefecture.

Janome Umbrella, which combines aspects of traditional Japanese and Western umbrellas, is a masterpiece fusing Japanese tradition and state-of-the-art technology.
Kamadosan, an earthenware pot for cooking rice the authentic and delicious way, is expected to become the next trendsetter in made-in-Japan rice cookers.
ReEDEN reed brush pen can provide a good introduction to calligraphy, ink painting and other Japanese arts. It is also an eco-friendly product utilizing reed from Lake Biwa, and is attractively designed.
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