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“Kansai World Masters Games 2021” Project Kickoff Announcement at Press Conference in Akihabara, Tokyo

   The World Masters Games (WMG) is an international competition for lifelong sports. In 2021, the event will come to the Kansai region. The launch of the campaign for Kansai WMG 2021 was announced at a media conference on November 1 in Akihabara, Tokyo. Mr. So Takei, the cheering ambassador, and Ms. Sayaka Akimoto, an actress, attended the press conference to promote Kansai WMG 2021 and invited the public to submit a nickname for the games’ mascot.
   Based on their experience in sports, they said that steady training every day could maintain our interest in life and promote the appeal of lifelong sports and Kansai WMG 2021. Mr. Takei participated in the World Masters Athletics Championships this past August and won a gold medal in a relay. Ms. Akimoto completed the race at the Tokyo Marathon. When they were asked which sporting events they wished to participate in if the opportunity arose, Mr. Takei said, “I want to enter all events as much as time allows and win gold medals in all of them,” while Ms. Akimoto said, “Probably a shooting sport, or the triathlon.”
   The WMG started in 1985, and takes place basically every four years in various parts of the world. The Kansai WMG 2021 will be the first time the games are hosted in Asia. In principle, any athlete over the age of 30 can participate, regardless of their level of sporting ability. The specific sports and disciplines in the Kansai WMG 2021 will be determined by October 2016.

Ms. Sayaka Akimoto
Mr. So Takei
Announcing the campaign’s kickoff at the press conference
Contact : Secretariat for the Organizing Committee of the Kansai World Masters Games 2021
Website http://www.wmg2021.jp/en/
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