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Fourteen Kansai Restaurants Gain Three Michelin Stars, the Highest Rating Granted

   Nihon Michelin Tire Co., Ltd. recently unveiled restaurants and hotels listed in its guidebooks, which award stars for excellence – the Michelin Guide Kyoto Osaka 2016, the Michelin Guide Hyogo 2016 Special Edition, and the Michelin Guide Nara 2016. The highest rating of three stars was this year granted to the same 14 restaurants selected last year.
   Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and Nara used to all be listed in a single Kansai edition, but from this year, Nara is listed only on the official website Club Michelin, while Kobe is included in the Hyogo special edition.
   In the Kyoto and Osaka edition, 11 three-star restaurants, 45 two-star restaurants, and 133 one-star restaurants are listed. Japanese cuisine has appeared as a new addition to the Bib Gourmand section, where an award is granted to restaurants serving affordable and quality meals. Altogether, 19 categories are listed under Japanese cuisine including izakaya bars, oden (Japanese hodge-podge), udon noodles, and okonomiyaki (Japanese hot plate pizza) restaurants and shops. Under the street food category, where restaurants and shops serve local foods and receive many takeout orders, 11 takoyaki (fried octopus dumplings) restaurants and shops are listed for the first time in Japan.
   In the Nara edition, 1 three-star restaurant, 3 two-star restaurants, and 12 one-star restaurants are listed.
   In the Hyogo edition, 2 three-star restaurants, 10 two-star restaurants, and 65 one-star restaurants are listed. Hyogo Prefecture faces two different seas: the Sea of Japan in the north and the Seto Inland Sea in the south. Therefore, a variety of seafood is available. In addition, the inland area boasts a wide variety of foods including local fresh vegetables and good quality beef. Out of 65 one-star restaurants, 14 are in Awaji, Tamba, Tajima and Harima.

Three starred restaurants on the Michelin Guide for Kansai
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