KANSAI Close-up

Kansai Economic Federation to Launch a Railroad Pass for the Kansai Region Available to Foreign Tourists

 Kansai Economic Federation will introduce a railroad pass for foreign travelers, KANSAI One Pass (tentative name), in April 2016 on a trial basis. The pass is valid on major transport facilities in the Kansai region with special offers and discounts for tourist and commercial facilities. The railroad pass will enable users to view tourist information in English, Chinese, and Korean by using a smartphone to scan the code printed on the cover of the pass.
 Transportation infrastructure is highly developed in the Kansai region, but changing trains or purchasing tickets is complicated for many foreign tourists. To improve the situation, KANSAI One Pass will be created based on the JR West IC rail pass card, ICOCA. The pass will cost 3,000 yen and be valid on the JR West network, nine major private railways, and all areas that the ICOCA card covers. Only 30,000 railroad passes will be sold at major stations in Kansai. Based on this one-year trial, the usage will be studied to determine whether the ticket will be fully launched.
 KANSAI One Pass is to be introduced as one strategy to promote tourism in the Kansai region by the government and private companies in Kansai. This approach aims to attract foreign tourists in order to boost the region’s economy.