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Sightseeing for manufacturing is proceeding well in Higashiosaka, a town of small and medium-size businesses

   Many manufacturing factories are concentrated in Higashiosaka City. Tours of the city to visit manufacturing factories and listen to artisans are now becoming popular. According to the Osaka Monozukuri Tourism Promotion Association (Higashiosaka City), which also serves as the contact for receiving applications for such tours, the main participants in the tours are students on school trips. The number of participants was only 800 in fiscal 2009 when the tour project started, but exceeded 6,000 from fiscal 2013, an eight-fold increase.
   The Association comprises the Higashiosaka Municipal government and approximately 70 companies in the neighboring areas. Approximately 6,000 small and medium-size manufacturers are concentrated in the city, many of which are companies with the top market share in their field, such as dolls, toothbrushes, screws, and aircraft components, as well as companies with technologies unique to themselves. The association has planned and invited school trips and corporate training, using such world leading-class manufacturing as a tourist attraction.
   In the tour program, participants can take a study tour of a factory, experience real manufacturing of which Japan is rightly proud, and listen firsthand to the president and artisans who have long worked there talk about their manufacturing spirits and what they value in manufacturing.
   The Association has registered itself as a tour operator. It is planning to launch its unique tours through its new full-fledged and experience-type tour plans for senior and general citizens, as well as foreign tourists.
   Secretary General Katsumi Adachi of the association said, “We would like to plan our own tours unique to this region one after another, in order to revitalize the community.”
Sightseeing for manufacturing
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