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Large commercial establishments rush to open for business in Osaka’s Kita district and Abeno

Osaka City is experiencing a continued rush of the opening of large commercial establishments. In Osaka’s Kita district around JR Osaka Station, northern part of downtown Osaka, EKI MARCHE Osaka on the premises of JR Osaka Station and the main Hankyu Umeda department store fully opened on October 31 and November 21, respectively. Also, the commercial establishment area of Grand Front Osaka, a redevelopment area located north of JR Osaka Station, will open for business in April 2013. On the other hand, in the Tennoji/Abeno district in the southern part of downtown Osaka, Abeno Harukas, which will be operated by Kintetsu Department Store, will fully open in spring 2014.

EKI MARCHE Osaka, under the theme “Adult’s Hangout,” aims to become a space where commuters and other customers can casually stop by. With approximately 4,500 m2 of total store floor space, this facility is crowded with 82 commercial establishments, such as takeouts, confectioneries, clothing stores and restaurants, and also has an entrance directly connected to ticket gates in JR Osaka Station and parking space for 300 vehicles. With the opening of this facility, JR Osaka Station’s renovation is now complete.

Hankyu Umeda’s main store has one of the largest sales floor areas in western Japan, at 80,000 m2. Under the theme “Performance-area department store,” which is intended to enhance customer attraction, approximately 20% of its sales floor area is used for purposes other than stores for goods, such as open spaces and galleries. In its “SHUKUSAI Plaza,” which is a four-floor atrium from the 9th to 12th floors, colorful events have been held to introduce various exciting and fun events and activities other than shopping. Twenty-six restaurants on the 12th and 13th floors produce a different atmosphere in daytime and nighttime by offering different menus and illuminations.

With the grand opening of this department store, the total sales floor area of the four department stores in the Kita district, including JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan, Daimaru Umeda and Hanshin Department Store (approx. 250,000 m2) exceeds that of the four department stores in Shinjuku, Tokyo (approx. 210,000 m2). Osaka’s Kita area has become one of Japan’s fiercest department store battlegrounds.

The new Abeno main store of Kintetsu Department Store is composed of the Tower Building and Wing Building with Japan’s largest sales floor area of 100,000 m2. The Tower Building will occupy space from the second basement level to the 14th floor of Abeno Harukas, Japan’s tallest skyscraper with a height of 300 m, and will open in the summer of 2013 ahead of the grand opening. The Wing Building will start business in spring 2014 after successively renovating stores in the current Kintetsu Department Store Abeno. To increase the length of customer stays, the new main store, under the theme “Town-like Space,” will use 25% of its sales floor area for purposes other than stores for goods, such as for restaurants, rest areas, and event halls. The new main store will also be equipped with spaces intended for activities by NPOs and civic organizations, as well as a rental vegetable garden and children’s play facilities on the roof. The restaurant area from the 12th to 14th floors will be one of the largest of its kind in Japan, accommodating 42 restaurants in an area of 11,000 m2 with a total of 2,800 seats.
Hankyu Umeda Main Store’s “SHUKUSAI Plaza”
Japan’s tallest skyscraper “Abeno Harukas” (photo by Kintetsu
Sakurabashi Entrance of EKI MARCHE Osaka
Hankyu Department Store
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