KANSAI Close-up

Kyo-Navi ranked in top class in the Accreditation System for Tourist Information Centers!

The Accreditation System for Tourist Information Centers of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has ranked the Kyoto Tourist Information Center (photo: left) in its top grade. Known as Kyo-Navi, the center is located in JR Kyoto Station.

The Accreditation System was established earlier this fiscal year as part of efforts to create an environment where visitors to Japan can travel around more safely. This year, 268 tourist information centers were accredited throughout Japan, and evaluated into three rankings according to the details and levels of their services. Other facilities, which do not specialize in providing tourist information but have actively assisted foreign tourists, were accredited as “Partner Facilities.” The accreditation will be reviewed every three years.

The tourist information centers in Category 3, the top rank, are required to remain open throughout the year, and to provide information on tourism, transport and accommodations throughout Japan with English, Chinese, and Korean speaking staff. Among all the tourist information centers in Japan, six centers in Kanto region such as Tokyo and Kyo-Navi in Kyoto have been accredited for Category 3, the top rank.

Located along the North-South Passage on the second floor of the Kyoto Station Building near the west gate, Kyo-Navi is visited by approximately 5,000 people per day (photo: right). It is said that Kyoto City welcomes approximately 10.87 million overnighter visitors annually, of which about 515,000 are from overseas.

Kyo-Navi staff says, “We will continue to make efforts to improve our quality as a representative tourist information center in Japan in cooperation with other tourist information centers, so that we may support tourism in Japan as a whole.”
Contact : Tourism MICE Promotion Office of Kyoto City Industry and Tourism Bureau
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