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Promoting Kansai’s food culture to the world

The Union of Kansai Governments and economic organizations in the Kansai region, marking the year 2013 as “Kansai International Tourism Promotion Year 2013,” have initiated their commitment to increasing the number of tourists, both from other areas in Japan and from overseas, through activities to promote Kansai’s food culture to the world. On August 22, an executive committee was established as a decision-making body to plan the relevant projects.

The projects currently scheduled include publicity focusing on “gourmet food in Kansai” by related organizations that target overseas countries; a campaign to attract visitors using a common logo that can help them visualize Kansai’s food culture; advertisement using digital information boards at airports and stations, as well as the related organizations’ websites; demonstrating foods from the Kansai region at “International Food Expo UTAGE 2013 in Osaka,” to be held from April 26 to May 6 next year in Osaka City, and assisting food-related events to be held from January 2013 to the end of the year, by using the common logo. In addition, colorful projects will be developed throughout the year in each area of the Kansai region.

Since the name “Kansai” is not yet well-known around the world, the committee aims to publicize Kansai’s rich food culture, a pride of local residents, thereby increasing the number of tourists and helping to revitalize the Kansai economy.
Contact : Wide-area Promotion of Tourism and Culture Bureau, Union of Kansai Governments
Phone or E-mail +81-75-411-0640