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Fukui Prefecture ranks first in ""degree of happiness"" of its residents!

 A research team headed by Professor Koji Sakamoto of Hosei Graduate School of Regional Policy Design (Tokyo) released their findings of their assessment study on “degree of happiness” of 47 prefectures, announcing that Fukui Prefecture took first place in the overall ranking.
 From socio-economic statistics of the national government and other organizations until fiscal 2010, the team selected 40 indices that were considered to reflect “degree of happiness” of local residents, including birthrate and labor turnover, and classified them into the following four categories to make a comprehensive evaluation: life and family (9 indices), labor and company (10 indices), safety and security (12 indices), and medical care and health (9 indices). Then the team graded each index on a scale of one to ten points, calculated an average score for each prefecture and determined the rankings for all prefectures.
 Specifically, Fukui Prefecture ranked high in the category of life and family, due to factors such as a high birthrate and home ownership rate, fewer number of families receiving public assistance and sufficient enrollment capacity of nursery schools.
 Fukui also ranked high in the category of labor and company, with a score of a perfect 10 in indices such as a low labor turnover and high percentages of full-time employees and disabled employees. Additionally, the prefecture received a high score in indices such as a long average length of life and sufficient number of hospital beds in the category of medical care and health.
 In contrast, the prefecture received a low score in indices such as a low move-in rate and long labor hours, which has revealed low population movement from and to Fukui and the overworking of its residents.  

 “Local governments can increase the ‘degree of happiness’ of its residents by focusing their efforts on the areas that were ranked low using our data,” said Professor Sakamoto.
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