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Local Tottori beer wins big at world competition!

 Daisen G Beer Weizen, produced by Kume-Zakura Micro Brewery Corp. (based in Hoki-cho, Tottori Prefecture), a brewery that makes its beers using underground water flowing from the foot of Mount Daisen in Tottori Prefecture, was named the world's best grain-only wheat beer at the World Beer Awards 2011, a beer competition held in the UK.
 This competition has been held every year since 2007 with the event attracting more than 500 entries from 27 countries in 2010. Heats for 60 styles such as lager, pale ale and stout, are held in three regions—Europe, the U.S. and Asia—to select a style winner in each region, which is then tasted blind against the other regional winners to select the world's best style.

 Although Kume-Zakura Micro Brewery has won numerous awards at various competitions in Japan, this was the first overseas competition they had entered and their beer successfully was named the world's best grain-only wheat beer.
 Daisen G Beer Weizen, a regular beer that has been produced since the brewery commenced operation, has a banana-like scent and restrained bitterness caused by using fewer hops.
 ""I am glad that all our efforts in brewing have been recognized before our brewery's 15th anniversary next year,"" said President Gentaro Tamura.
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