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Grand Front Osaka to be completed in ""Umekita"" in spring 2013

 The construction of Grand Front Osaka, to be completed in spring 2013, is well under way in a redevelopment zone just north of JR Osaka railway station called ""Umekita.""

 Known as the last prime undeveloped location left in the heart of Osaka, ""Umekita"" has an area of approximately 24 hectares. An area of approximately 7 hectares on the east side of ""Umekita"" is the phase 1 development district named “Grand Front Osaka is” currently under construction. It started in March 2010 and about 30 percent of the construction was completed.
 Grand Front Osaka will consist of four high-rise buildings, ranging from 33 stories to 48 stories above ground, arranged in three blocks in a north-south direction. Block A, an entry to the ""town"" and located on the south end will contain offices and commercial facilities. Block B will contain a hotel and “Service Apartment” as well as offices and commercial facilities. Block C will contain a condominium building. The commercial facilities in Blocks A and B will contain about 300 stores.
 A complex facility called Knowledge Capital, which will be located in Block B, will play a central role in the ""town"" as a place for corporations, researchers, creators and various other people and organizations to interact and create new intellectual value.
 Asia Pacific Institute of Research, which merged with Kansai Institute for Social and Economic Research on December 1 this year and scheduled to be a part of Knowledge Capital is expected to serve as a research and advisory organization that will link the Kansai region and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.
 Following the opening of JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan and expansions of other department stores in the area around JR Osaka Station, Yodobashi Camera, a chain store mainly selling consumer electronics and home appliances, has decided to construct a large-scale commercial facility scheduled to open in 2015. The future of ""Umekita"" is now attracting widespread attention.
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