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Major local governments in Kansai apply to be designated as “International Strategy Comprehensive Zone”

 Three prefectures in Kansai, Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo, and three ordinance-designated cities, Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, recently jointly applied to be designated as Kansai Innovation International Strategy Comprehensive Zone.
International Strategy Comprehensive Zone is part of a new system based on the General Act on Special Districts, which was established in June this year, and aims at strengthening the international competitiveness of industries in order to realize the New Growth Strategy.

 Using its strength as an industry-integrated region with the world’s top-level technologies and achievements in medical supplies, medical-related industries and the lithium battery business, major local governments in Kansai beyond the boundaries of individual prefectures and districts have taken a step toward this designation.
The application included a proposal for concrete measures for intensive investments, mainly in 32 projects in six fields (pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, advanced medical technologies such as regenerative treatments, pre-emptive medical care, batteries and smart communities), focusing on nine regions, including the Osaka Station area, Kobe Medical Industry City and the Keihanna Science City district. Industries, universities and the government will jointly develop a mechanism to create innovations that aim at practical applications and new businesses.

 Furthermore, a shorter lead time from R&D to practical application, and stronger international competitiveness by pushing forward with an initiative for global standardization will be realized. Also promoted will be optimum combinations of various industries and technologies, and the strengthening of infrastructure for innovations.

 Shōsuke Mori, chairman of Kansai Economic Federation expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We would like to obtain approval as an International Strategy Comprehensive Zone and serve as an engine of Japan.” The national government will examine each proposal and announce the designated areas in December 2011.
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