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Recharging Electric Bicycles with Photovoltaic Power Generation

 KYOCERA Corporation recently announced the development of its “Solar Cycle Station” (photo) for recharging electric-assisted bicycles.
 Solar panels are set up perpendicularly like a fence in the corner of parking areas, etc. A bicycle is charged by plugging the battery of the bicycle in an outlet on the control panel. The system has been simplified for cost reduction by eliminating capacitors. A set of three panels, each with a maximum output of 208 W, can recharge six bicycles simultaneously. Even when the station’s power generation is diminished due to rain or during nighttime, it can provide a stable power supply because it is automatically covered by commercial power.
 The recharging stations are expected to be introduced to commercial establishments, local governmental offices and hotels for the greater conveniences of customers and visitors of these facilities, such as charging their bicycles while shopping.
 With a growing awareness of environmental issues and the health boom, the domestic shipment of electric-assisted bicycles exceeded that of minibikes in 2008. Also, with an increasing trend of introducing electric-assisted bicycles to bicycle rental services in sightseeing spots, the construction and expansion of recharging stations that can contribute to the expanded use of electric-assisted bicycles is an important issue.
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