KANSAI Close-up

Osaka City University Launched an International Academic Journal

 The “Urban Research Plaza,” a research institute of Osaka City University, launched “City, Culture and Society (CCS)” (photo), an international academic journal that presents pioneering urban research. This is Japan’s first independent compilation of an international academic journal by a university in the humanities & social sciences field. Also from the global perspective, only the world’s most prominent universities, such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Chicago have been able to independently compile a leading academic journal.
 “City, Culture and Society” is a completely English-language journal. It is published in both electronic and paper versions four times a year by Elsevier (the Netherlands), a leading international academic publisher. This year, its first year of publication, the first four issues will be published from October to December. From next year, the journal will be published at regular intervals.
 At this point, more than 90% of all the contributions are from overseas countries. Among these contributions, those from other Asian countries account for approximately 30% of the total, which proves that this academic journal has a strong presence in Asia.
 Since an international academic journal provides not only research presentation opportunities for influential researchers but also the gateway to success for young researchers to develop their career, Osaka City University anticipates that its presence within the international academic world should be enhanced with the launch of the CCS.
Contact : the Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University
Phone or E-mail 06-6605-2071
Website http://www.ur-plaza.osaka-cu.ac.jp/en/archives/journal.html