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Efficient Collection of Rare Metals Using Microorganism Capsules

 Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd. (Osaka City) and Prof. Yasuhiro Konishi and his research team from Osaka Prefecture University announced that they had recently developed a technology to efficiently collect rare metals, which are contained in industrial effluent, using small capsules of microorganisms, and have applied for a patent. According to them, this technology can contribute to improved recovery efficiency and cost reduction when compared to conventional methods.
 This technology is an integration of the capsule technology fostered by Morishita Jintan in its pharmaceutical production and the metal recovery technique with the use of microorganisms developed by the professor and his team.
 The size of the capsule is 2 – 10 mm. The capsules are covered with a film of synthetic polymeric resins which allow metal ions of rare metals to penetrate the film while blocking microorganisms. If the capsule soaks in wastewater in which rare metals have been dissolved, microorganisms absorb metal ions and concentrated rare metals are accumulated in the capsule. Then, the capsule is incinerated, and only rare metals are left for easy recovery. (Photo above: A capsule before recovering rare metals, photo below: after the recovery)
 Because rare metals such as palladium are used for consumer electronics and automobiles, with a high level of dependence on limited producing countries, the stable and long-term security of rare metals is still an issue of concern also in Japan.
 Also, the efficient recovery of rare earth can be expected through the application of this technology. Morishita Jintan will also place its emphasis on expanding this technology for industrial applications.
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