Hot spring spas

Arima Hot Spring
The spa reputed to be the oldest in Japan
Originated in mythical times, Arima Spa is one of Japan's oldest hot springs and one of Japan's best 3 springs for its long its long history and the quality of its spring water. There are two types of spring water; the copper colored "Kinsen" that contains a lot of iron and salt, and the colorless carbonated "Ginsen" that contains radium. It is said that soaking in the springs alternately cures all ills. It has been said that any type of disease is able to be cured when soaked alternately in the two kinds of spring water.
●Tel/078-904-0708(Arima Onsen Tourism Information Center)
◆Access/A short walk from Kobe Dentetsu Arima Onsen Stn.
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Kinosaki Spa
An attractive spa town with a long history
The 1400 year-old Kinosaki is a renowned spa that has been loved by many luminaries. The "Sotoyu Meguri" in which you tour the seven bath houses outside the ryokans, clicking your Geta heels dressed in traditional Yukata, is a pleasure unique to Kinosaki Spa. Nearby, you will find the tourist resort of "Izushi-machi" known for its picturesque castletown and Soba noodles.
●Fare/Adult ¥600-800 (Ryokan guests may be offered free admission.)  ●Tel/0796-32-3663(Kinosaki Onsen Tourism Information Center)
◆Access/JR Kinosaki Onsen Stn.
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Amanohashidate Spa
One of Japan's greatest landscapes with beautiful white sands and pine trees
One of Japan's 3 greatest landscapes situated in the north of Kyoto Prefecture. The contrast created by the 20m to 170m wide 3.6km long white sands and the lusciously green rows of pine trees is superb. It is nature's artwork created by the sands of the Sea of Japan carried out into the depth of the bay by the winds and waves, and swept away by River Noda in the mountains. There is also cycling and hot spring spa to be enjoyed.
●Tel/0772-22-8030(Amanohashidate Tourism Association)
◆Access/5 min. walk from Kita Kinki Tango Railway Amanohashidate Stn., 10 min. drive from Kyoto Longitudinal Expressway Miyazu Amanohashidate IC.
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Shirahama Spa
Wakayama's greatest tourist attraction
Every year approximately 3.5 million tourists stay at Shirahama Spa, which was written in Manyoshu, Japan's oldest anthology and visited by emperors. It is one of the oldest hot springs in Japan along with Arima and Dogo. This is also one of the largest spa resorts and has over 120 sources and over 90 spa hotels. Shirahama is the largest tourist spot in Wakayama Pref. since it is blessed with stunning landscapes such as Shirarahama Beach that is famous for beautiful white sandy beaches, Engetsuto Island, Sandanbeki Cliff and Senjojiki.
●Tel/0739-43-5511(Shirahama Tourism Association)
◆Access/By bus from JR Shirahama Stn.
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Awara Spa
The largest spa in Fukui Prefecture: Traditional inns and convenient transportation.
The top spa in Fukui Prefecture, and one of the largest centers for Hokuriku trips along with Kaga Spa Town. The scenery is beautiful, with hills in the north and the country in the south. Has many traditional hotels/inns with hospitable services. The convenient transportation is popular among tourists from the Kansai area.
◆Access/Awara Yu-no-machi Sta., Echizen Railway
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Ryujin Hot Spring
A peaceful and tranquil hot spring spa with 1300 years of history. The waters are said to be among the best three in Japan for enhancing female beauty.
Remote spa with a 1,300 year history. Said to have been discovered by Ennogyoja Ozuno and later opened up by Kobo Daishi who received a divine revelation while dreaming about Nanda Ryuo. Its colorless and transparent water ,which revitalizes the skin sodium bicarbonate and is famous for its reputed ability to make women beautiful. Known as one of the three Japanese hot springs of beautiful women alongside Kawanaka Spa in Gunma and Yunokawa Spa in Shimane.
●Tel/0739-78-2222(Ryujin office of tourism)
◆Access/By bus from JR Kisei Line Kii-Tanabe Station (taking 1 hour 40 minutes)
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