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Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
The world's largest aquarium
Kaiyukan is one of the world's largest aquariums which features a large tank designed to reproduce the environment of the Pacific Ocean letting the world's largest fish, the whale shark swim freely. The tank is surrounded by 14 other tanks reproducing 10 areas throughout the world. Including 'Aqua Gate' where fish swim through and a world of transparent life 'Floaty Jellyfish Museum', the aquarium keeps and displays about 30,000 aquatic animals of 580 species. It is enjoyable for both kids and adults alike.
●Open/10:00-20:00 (*Last admission is one hour before the closing time. *The opening hours vary by season)
●Closed/Some days in winter  ●Admission Fee /Adults (16 or high school & over) ¥2,300, Junior high & elementary school students(age 7 to 15) ¥1,200, Preschool child(age 4 to 6) ¥600, Children age 3 and younger is Free  ●Tel/06-6576-5501
◆Access/5 min. walk from Subway Osakako (Osaka Port) Stn.
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Universal Studios JapanTM
Recreating blockbusters realistically
The world's greatest movie theme park, Universal Studios JapanTM, derives from Hollywood. There are varieties of exciting attractions, which are realistic reproductions of blockbuster movies. It is a world apart where the attractions-thrilling rides, genuine shows from Hollywood and other entertainment etc.
-make everyone forget about the real world during your visit. Now, "DIVE INTO THE MOVIES".
●Open/9:00-21:00 (vary according to the season)
●Closed/Open all-year round  ●Admission Fee/Adults (12 & junior high school students & over) ¥7,200, Children (4-11, infants, elementary school students) ¥4,980, Seniors (65 & over) ¥6,470 *The admission ticket includes park entrance and use of all attractions in the park  ●Tel/06-6465-3000
◆Access/A short walk from JR Universal-city Stn.
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Toei Movie Land in Kyoto
The home of Japanese movies
The village is a large open set for shooting movies and TV period dramas housed within a working film studio. Period drama stunt shows and events are shown occasionally in the village, and you can tour the set on the day of shooting. You can also refer to the history of Japanese films, and have fun dressing up as a samurai, ninja or geisha.
●Open/9:00-17:00 (Vary according to the season.)
●Closed/irregular  ●Fare/Adults: 2,200; High School and Junior High School: 1,300; Elementary School and below: 1,100  ●Tel/075-864-7716
◆Access/JR Kyoto Stn.→City bus to Uzumasa-eigamura-mae
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Wakayama Marina City
A resort island packed full of fun
Wakayama Marina City is a leisure paradise on the artificial island in southern Wakayama. At Porto Europe, the visitors can make the most of the exciting attractions. You can also savor the reasonably priced mouthwatering seafood BBQ at the Kuroshio Market where seafood and local produce are sold.
●Open/10:00-17:00(-18:00 weekends & holidays), Vary according to the season.
●Closed/Irregular  ●Fare/Port Europe Admission ticket: Junior high school students and over ¥1,400, 4 & over ¥800  ●Tel/073-448-0008
◆Access/The bus bound for Marina City is available from JR Wakayama Stn. or Nankai Wakayamashi Stn.
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Suzuka Circuit
The course for the Japan F1 Grand Prix
With the world's leading racing course, it holds events such as the Japan F1 Grand Prix and the 8-hour endurance road race. In the grounds, there is an amusement park, natural hot spring spa, and hotel accommodations. At the amusement park, the show by ASIMO, the two-legged robot developed by Honda is performed.
●Open/10:00-17:00 (vary according to the season)
●Closed/Closed during certain periods in January and June.  ●Fare/13 years and over ¥1,600, Child under 13 ¥800, 3-6 years ¥600  ●Tel/0593-78-1111
◆Access/By bus from Kintetsu Shirako Stn.
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Mikimoto Pearl Island
Theme park of pearls
Here is the island where pearl magnate Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in culturing pearls for the first time in the world and the whole island is a theme park dedicated to pearls. Furthermore, visitors can enjoy watching Ama (women divers) demonstrating their skills of diving. Nearby is Toba Aquarium, which is one of the world's leading aquariums, and Shima Parque España where the attractions of Spain has been recreated.
●Open/8:30-17:30 (vary according to the season)
●Closed/Three days from 2nd Tue. in Dec.  ●Fare/Adults ¥1,500, Children (Junior high & Elementary school students) ¥750  ●Tel/0599-25-2028
◆Access/5 min. walk from JR/Kintetsu Toba Stn.
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