Awaodori Kaikan Hall
Enjoy Awaodori dance anytime
Awaodori Kaikan Hall is for enjoying the world-wide famous "Awaodori" (Awa folk dance) in its home at any time. You can experience the charm of Awaodori to your heart's content, by learning the history of Awaodori in the museum or practicing Awaodori with our Ren (dancing team), Awa-no-Kaze.
●Open/9:00-17:00(Awaodori Muserum)
* For information on the times of daytime/nighttime performances, please inquire by telephone.
●Closed/2nd & 4th Wed., Dec. 28-Jan. 1  ●Fare/Awaodori Museum ¥300, Daytime performance ¥500, Nighttime performance ¥700  ●Tel/088-611-1611
◆Access/10 min. walk from JR Tokushima Stn.
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Commanding view of the dynamic whirlpool and Naruto Straits
Elevated 45m above sea level, the 450m promenade was built underneath the Onaruto Bridge. Visitors can enjoy the dynamic whirlpools and the rapid current of Naruto Straits, as well as the wonderful landscape of Setonaika National Park.
●Open/Mar.-Sep. 9:00-18:00 (Last entry at 17:30), Oct.-Feb. 9:00-17:00 (Last entry at 16:30)
●Closed/2nd Monday of Mar., Jun., Sep. and Dec., Dec.29- 31  ●Fare/Adults ¥500, High school and junior high school students ¥400, Elementary school students ¥250  ●Tel/088-683-6262
◆Access/10 min. walk from Naruto Koen-guchi bus stop by highway bus from JR Osaka Stn.
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Streets of Udatsu in Waki-machi
Streets with a proud history
"Udatsu" refers to the mud firewall built between the houses, which is expensive to make. Waki-machi flourished as the trading center of Awa Indigo between Edo and Meiji periods, and Indigo merchants that made millions created the beautiful streets of this town by building shops and houses with "Udatsu". It is currently designated as a conservation area for historically important buildings and it bustles with many tourists.
●Open/[The Yoshida House] 9:00-16:30
●Closed/[The Yoshida House]
Open all year  ●Fare/[The Yoshida House] Adults ¥500, Child ¥250  ●Tel/0883-53-0960(The Yoshida House)
◆Access/10 min. drive from Tokushima Expressway Waki-machi IC, and 10 min drive from JR Anabuki Stn.
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Rafting (Oboke and Koboke valleys)
Thrilling river-rafting through Yoshino River
At the Oboke and Koboke valleys at the upper reaches of Yoshino River, you can enjoy river-rafting on a rubber boat. The course goes through one of the strongest currents in Japan, and is full of thrills, as you get splashed by huge sprays in a plunge of at least 2 meters. As there is a guide for every course, even beginners can feel safe to take on a challenge. There are also pleasure boats operating nearby and many hot spring spas.
●Open/Apr.-Nov. 8:00-19:00, Dec.-Mar. 9:00-17:00
●Closed/[Outdoor & Rafting Safari]
Open all year
  ●Fare/Enquire for details  ●Tel/0883-76-0745
◆Access/10 min. drive from JR Awa Ikeda Stn.
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Naruto Park
Extensive walk paths lead to a number of tourist spots.
Inside the park is an observatory that affords the visitor many views including a grand view of the the Onaruto Bridge and its whirling whirlpool currents. The park also has the 'Eddie' facility, a commemorative building for the Onaruto Bridge, the Otsuka International Art Museum, 'Escahiru Naruto', and boat trips to enjoy whirlpool watching boats. Etc. The visitor can enjoy several tourist spots by walking the pathways.
●Open/Open day and night
●Closed/Open all-year round  ●Fare/Free  ●Tel/088-684-1118
◆Access/By bus from JR Line Naruto Station (taking 20 minutes)
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