Himeji Castle
【World Heritage】 
The beautiful castle compared to the image of a white eagle
With a history of 400 years since its construction and being deemed a national treasure, Himeji Castle, also known as 'Hakuro-jo' or White-Heron Castle, was registered as a world heritage, together with Horyuji Temple, as the first such registration involving Japanese assets. The amazing architectural beauty-coalition type castle, which consists of the grand castle tower and 3 small keep towers, and the brilliantly white walls, makes it look as if Shirasagi or a white heron was flying up in the sky. 
The castle tower has been under rennovation, and the work will continue till 2014.
●Open/9:00-17:00 (Last entry at 16:00/1 hr extended in Jun.-Aug. )
●Closed/Dec. 29-31  ●Fare/Adults ¥600, Children ¥200  ●Tel/079-285-1146
◆Access/15 min. walk from JR /Sanyo Himeji Stn.
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Shoshazan Enkyoji Temple
Renowned as the location site of the Last Samurai
This temple was constructed in 966. Its 7 buildings and 8 Buddha statues are designated as cultural assets of national importance. Furthermore, this temple has attracted lots of attention as a location site for the Hollywood movie, 'The Last Samurai'. At Juryoin in the temple grounds, you can also savor vegetarian food from April till November (booking is essential).
●Open/8:30-17:00(Openinng hours may change depending on the season.)
●Closed/Open all-year round  ●Admission Fee/¥500  ●Tel/079-266-3327(Enkyoji)
◆Access/JR/Sanyo Himeji Stn. →City bus→Aerial cableway to the top of the mountain
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Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
The world's longest suspension bridge that links Kobe and Awaji Island
The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, approximately 3,911 m long, linking Kobe with Awaji Island, has the world longest center span which is 1,991 m long. It is also known as Pearl Bridge for its beautiful appearance when the huge suspension bridge is lit up on the strait. Under the bridge, there runs Maiko Promenade where you can enjoy the beautiful sight of inland sea of Seto.
◆Access/5 min.walk from JR Maiko Stn. or Sanyo Maiko-koen Stn.
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Meriken Park/Harbor Land
Tourist spot with far extending views of the seaport, Kobe
Now being reconstructed, Meriken Park had been a landing place of foreign cargoes when the Port of Kobe opened. It is where Kobe Port tower and Port of Kobe Earthquake memorial Park are both located. The western side of Meriken Park is called Harbor Land, an entertainment complex where people enjoy shopping, recreation, and gourmet food eateries all at one place. You can also enjoy cruising around Kobe Port.
●Tel/078-360-3639(Kobe Harbor Land Information)
◆Access/8 min. walk from JR Kobe Stn. /Subway Harborland Stn. /Minatomotomachi Stn.
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Kobe Nankin-machi
Bustling China Town
More than 100 of various stores including restaurants and grocery shops line up in an area of 300 m from east to west, and 100 m from north to south. China Town is always bustling with people. Once you step into the town from magnificent Choanmon gate in the west end, there is a tantalizing smell. You can enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine or even fast food. Also, all sorts of Chinese ingredients are available at nearby grocery shops.
●Closed/open year-around (but many shops and restaunrants are closed on Monday and Tuesday)  ●Tel/078-332-2896
◆Access/3 min. walk from JR /Hanshin Motomachi Stn.
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Kitano Ijinkan-gai ( Historic Western Residences )
An exotic town with western-style residential houses
Kitano Ijinkan-gai is just north of Sannomiya where foreigners settled after the opening of the Port of Kobe. Some of the western-style buildings are open to the public. Restaurants and cafes serve wide variety of cuisine.
●Tel/078-251-8360(Kitano Tourism Information Center)
◆Access/15 min. walk from JR /Hankyu /Hanshin /Subway Sannomiya Stn.
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