Osaka Museum of History
Realistically recreating the history of the City of Osaka
You can experience the history of Osaka through "seeing, feeling and thinking" in this museum. As well as enabling you to find out about Osaka's history through life-size reproductions, models and imageries, it also lets you view the plentiful real-life source materials and exhibits at a leisurely pace. You can observe a broadcast at the BK Plaza on the 1st floor of the NHK Osaka Broadcasting Center nearby.
●Open/9:30-17:00(Please enter 30minutes prior to closing)
●Closed/Tuesdays (Wednesdays if Tuesday falls on National Holiday), the beginning and the end of year. 
●Admission /Adult ¥600, College and High School Student ¥400, Elementary and junior high school students free. 
*Special exhibition tickets may be purchaced  for an additional price.
◆Access/A short walk from Subway Tanimachi 4-chome Stn. or Bamba-cho Municipal Bus Stop.
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Panasonic Center OSAKA
Experience the fascination of Panasonic!!
Run by Panasonic, the showroom provides all kinds of up-to-the-minute information. There is a corner for learning about the environment while having fun and you can try out the latest AV equipment. The center also holds regular guided tours, quiz rallies or other events.
The Center was closed at the end of 2012. It is scheduled to be reopened n Osaka Umekita area (in front of Osaka Sta.) in April 2013.
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The neon-glittering town where you eat yourself out of house and home
Dotombori area is a busy town with all sorts of fine restaurants. Dotombori was created when a merchant, Mr. Doton Yasui had developed a natural river to a canal in the beginning of the Edo period (1615-1868). As Dotombori became the most famous place for Japanese plays, or Shibai, restaurants and eateries began to prosper. Since then this place has always thrived as a town of food.
◆Access/5 min. walk from Subway/JR/Kintetsu/Nankai Namba Stn.
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Osaka Shochikuza
Showing Japan's classical performing art "Kabuki"
Japan's first western-style theatre built in 1923. In 1997, it was reborn as a theatre with the latest stage mechanism. It shows various theatrical arts including Kabuki, which originated in Kansai (Kabuki is also shown in other theatres. Check with a tourist information center or travel agent.)
●Open/Vary according to the performance shown
●Closed/Vary according to the performance shown  ●Fare/Vary according to the performance. "One-act Seat" is available for Kabuki plays, which allows you to see the first act.  ●Tel/06-6214-2211
◆Access/1 min. walk from Subway Namba Station, 1 min. walk from Kintetsu Line Namba Station, or 5 min. walk from Nankai Line Namba Station
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Osaka River Cruise
Cruise around the tourist attractions of the aquapolis Osaka
Sightseeing cruise goes around the city of Osaka. You will be guided to Osaka's notable sites and history on the course. The views of the glitzy neon lights of Dotombori and the solemn ambience of Osaka Central Public Hall are exceptional. You can also see how the water level is regulated at the lock just like the Panama Canal.
●Open/Vary according to the course
●Closed/The beginning and the end of year  ●Fare/Vary according to the course
(Ticket sale: West JR Green Window or major travel agents)  ●Tel/06-6441-0532
◆Access/5 min. walk from JR/Subway Namba Stn.
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Hozenji Yokocho
The narrow stone paves street is lined with restaurants
Hozenji-Yokocho street refers to the two narrow lanes which run from east to west and were made famous in Sakunosuke Oda's novel, Meoto Zenzai (The Stories of Osaka Life). There is Hozenji Temple, a temple of Jodo shu, with the Mizukake Fudo statue covered with moss. Stone pavements that are wet with sprinkled water create a distinctive atmosphere.
●Open/Vary according to the shop/restaurant
●Closed/Vary according to the shop/restaurant  ●Tel/06-6211-4152(Hozenji)
◆Access/7 min. walk from Subway/JR/Kintetsu/Nankai Namba Stn.
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