Lake Biwa Museum
A general museum about Lake Biwa with the largest exhibition of fresh water fish in Japan.
The largest lake in Japan is Lake Biwa.

The Lake Biwa Museum was opened in October, 1996 on the Karasuma Peninsula, which juts out from the shore of the lake.

Using the theme 'Lake and People', it is a great place for visitors to enjoy and learn about Lake Biwa, using all five senses in the process.

The museum details the life of Lake Biwa, which has been in existence for over 4 million years; the history of the relationship between the lake and the people; and the present environment of Lake Biwa and the area around it.

Its fresh water aquarium is the best in Japan and a real must-see, and contains displays of marine creatures living in Lake Biwa or its catchment area, such as the Biwako catfish, as well as other fresh water fish from the lakes of the world.
●Open/9:30-17:00(last entry at16:30)
●Closed/Mondays (or, if Monday falls on a National Holiday, the following day); Dec.28-Jan.4; day after a National Holiday  ●Admission Fees/Adults: 750 Yen, High School and College: 400 Yen, Elementary and Junior High Schools: Free (free for those aged 65 and over and those with special needs)  ●Tel/077-568-4811
◆Access/By bus along the Karasuma Peninsula from JR Biwako Line Kusatsu Station and get off at the 'Biwako Hakubutsukan-mae' bus stop
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