Ninja Museum of the Iga Sect
Museum where you can experience being a Ninja
Kunoichi (a female Ninja) introduces various tricks and traps in this Ninja House with demonstrations such as Dondengaeshi (a revolving trapdoor) and Shikakedo (a trick door). "Ninjutsu Taiken Kan" gives you the opportunity to use Ninja weapons and tools while learning the history, daily life of Ninja in "Ninja Densho Kan". You can enjoy the Ninja show and try to throw Shuriken, one of the Ninja weapons, in "Ninja Taiken Hiroba"
●Open/9:00-17:00 (Last entry 16:30)
●Closed/Dec.29-Jan.1  ●Fare/Adults ¥700, Children ¥400  ●Tel/0595-23-0311
◆Access/5 min. walk from Kintetsu Ueno Stn.
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Suzuka Circuit
The course for the Japan F1 Grand Prix
With the world's leading racing course, it holds events such as the Japan F1 Grand Prix and the 8-hour endurance road race. In the grounds, there is an amusement park, natural hot spring spa, and hotel accommodations. At the amusement park, the show by ASIMO, the two-legged robot developed by Honda is performed.
●Open/10:00-17:00 (vary according to the season)
●Closed/Closed during certain periods in January and June.  ●Fare/13 years and over ¥1,600, Child under 13 ¥800, 3-6 years ¥600  ●Tel/0593-78-1111
◆Access/By bus from Kintetsu Shirako Stn.
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Ise Grand Shrine
The shrine fervently worshiped by the Japanese people
Ise Grand Shrine is one of Japan's oldest shrines with a history of about two thousand years. People have had faith in the shrine for a long time and a lot of worshippers have visited here as "Oisemairi". The shrine is considered as a place where people should visit at least once in their lifetime. Nearby is Okage Yokocho with beautiful streets bustling with tourists.
●Open/5:00-17:30 (vary according to the season)
●Closed/Open all year round  ●Fare/Free  ●Tel/0596-24-1111
◆Access/[Outer Shrine 'Geku'] 10 min. walk from JR Sangu Line or Kintetsu Toba Line Ise-shi Stn. [Inner Shrine 'Naiku'] By bus from JR Sangu Line or Kintetsu Toba Line Ise-shi Stn.
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Mikimoto Pearl Island
Theme park of pearls
Here is the island where pearl magnate Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in culturing pearls for the first time in the world and the whole island is a theme park dedicated to pearls. Furthermore, visitors can enjoy watching Ama (women divers) demonstrating their skills of diving. Nearby is Toba Aquarium, which is one of the world's leading aquariums, and Shima Parque España where the attractions of Spain has been recreated.
●Open/8:30-17:30 (vary according to the season)
●Closed/Three days from 2nd Tue. in Dec.  ●Fare/Adults ¥1,500, Children (Junior high & Elementary school students) ¥750  ●Tel/0599-25-2028
◆Access/5 min. walk from JR/Kintetsu Toba Stn.
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Akame 48 Waterfalls Ravine
Many waterfalls fall gracefully within a ravine that extends for more than 4 kilometers.
Although it is named 'Shiju-Hattaki' (meaning forty-eight waterfalls), there are actually more than forty-eight waterfalls. 'Forty-eight' is a significant large number in Japan. Visitors from all over the country come to see the exquisite beauty of this natural ravine. At the entrance of Shiju-Hattaki there is also a breeding & display center of salamanders, which has a salamander collection gathered from all over the world. This species of creature has been around for more than 30 million years ago and is designated a specially protected animal.
●Open/(April 1 ~ November 30) 9:00-17:00, (December 1 ~ March 31) 9:30-16:30
●Closed/December 29 ~ January 3  ●Admission Fee : Adults 400 yen, elementary and junior high school students 150 yen *Includes admission to Japam Salamander Center   ●Tel/0595-63-9087(Nabari City Tourist Bureau)
◆Access/By bus from Kintetsu Line Akame-taki Station
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Mie Prefectural Art Museum
The museum has more than 5,000 masterpieces by artists such as Takeji Fujishima, Renoir, Murillo.
The Mie Prefectural Art Museum opened in 1982, in the green hilly area near central Tsu City.

The museum's collection of about 2,000 works is classified into three main groups: works by artists related to Mie Prefecture; works by artists of the modern Japanese artistic style, including SAEKI Yuzo; and works by foreign artists closely related to Japanese modern art, such as Marc Chagall and Jean Renoir.

In 1992, Mie Prefecture and Valencia Province of Spain signed a sister prefecture/ province agreement, resulting in the addition to the museum's collection of 'Saint Catherine of Alexandria' by Bartolome Esteban Murillo, and an early pastel by Pablo Picasso.

Mie Prefecture's specialty, Igayaki ceramic tiles, used on the exterior walls of the museum building, are also worth seeing.
●Open/9:30-17:00(last entry at 16:30)
●Closed/Mondays (or, if Monday falls on a National Holiday, the following day); Dec.29-Jan.3 
●Admission Fee/Adults(including 65 and over): 300 Yen, College students: 200 Yen, High-school students, junior high-school students and chiidren(12 and under): Free  ●Tel/059-227-2100
◆Access/10 min. walk from JR Tsu Station or Kintetsu Line Tsu Station, or by bus and get off at the 'Bijutsukan-mae' bus stop
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