The view of the majestic cliffs
The rugged cliff eroded by rough waves stretches about 1 km. It has a tremendous scene of the cliff, making visitors feel week at the knees, with the cliff continually washed by aggressive waves of the Sea of Japan. The enormous rock pillar made of columnar jointing of pyroxene andesite is the only one of its kind in Japan, but there are only two others in the world. It is designated as a natural monument. The gigantic 25 m-high and 1 km-long precipitous cliff makes one of the best landscapes in the Kansai area.
●Open/[Tojinbo sightseeing pleasure boat]8:00-17:00
●Fare/Junior high school students and over ¥1,200, Children ¥600  ●Tel/0776-81-3808(Tojinbo Sightseeing Cruise)
◆Access/By Keifuku bus from Keifuku Railway Mikuni Stn.
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Eiheiji Temple
Greatest of Japan's Zen Buddhism
The Eiheiji Temple, founded by Priest Dogen, is the headquarters of the Soto Sect of Buddhism. The temple is surrounded by over 600-year old cedars and is said to be the most prominent place for Zen discipline. Nearby is Ichijodani Asakura Family Site where the whole castle town from the age of provincial wars is buried. (Photo: Chokushimon Gate, provided by Eiheiji)
●Open/8:00-16:30 (differs according to the season)
●Closed/Open all-year round  ●Fare/Adults ¥500  ●Tel/0776-63-3102
◆Access/5 min. walk from Keifuku Eiheiji Line Eiheiji Stn.
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Awara Spa
The largest spa in Fukui Prefecture: Traditional inns and convenient transportation.
The top spa in Fukui Prefecture, and one of the largest centers for Hokuriku trips along with Kaga Spa Town. The scenery is beautiful, with hills in the north and the country in the south. Has many traditional hotels/inns with hospitable services. The convenient transportation is popular among tourists from the Kansai area.
◆Access/Awara Yu-no-machi Sta., Echizen Railway
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