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Sakai - Macha (Tea) Tabinohoshi Sakai, Japan vol.10
Born and raised in Sakai, Rikyu perfected the wabi-cha style, serving powerful warlords Oda Nobunaga and then Toyotomi Hideyoshi. ...

Street Car Rikyu residence Rikyu Macha (Tea)
On a streetcar to Sakai At the site of his residence remains a roofed camellia well. A fulfilling look at Rikyu and his wabi-cha style in Sakai. Enjoying matcha and Japanese sweets while viewing the garden.
Ise Jigu - Geku Tabinohoshi Ise Jigu Geku, Japan vol.9
Geku: enshirined here is Toyouke Omikami, the goddess of food and grains. ...

Tuitachi Mairi Shikinen Sengu The Sengyo transfer ceremony Ise Kawasaki Shonin-kan
It's an Ise custom to visit Ise Jingu on the first of the month. held every 20 years - all sanctuary buildings are moved and the kami's symbol is moved. is reproduced on a 1:6 scale. This building once belonged to an Edo-period liquor wholesaler.
Ise Jingu - Naiku Tabinohoshi Ise Jingu Naiku, Japan vol.8
Ise Jingu is the home of the Japanese spirit. Enshrined in the Naiku Inner Shrine, is  Amaterasu Omikami, the ancestor of the Japanese Imperi...

The Shogu, the main building of the shrine Oharai-machi Akafuku, Japanese traditional sweets Futami-ga-Ura
Objects of worship will be reinstalled in this rebuilt Nii-miya. Located near the Naiku. An Edo townscape is reproduced. one of Ise's specialities. known as a post town for pilgrims to Ise Grand Shrine.
Ono-dera & Anzan-ji Tabinohoshi Ono-dera, Japan vol.7
Weeping Cherry Tree in Ono-dera and Anzan
(Safe Birth) Temple
Be sure to visit Ohno-dera, where weeping cherry trees ushers in the spring season, and Anzan-ji which grants wishes for bearing children and safe ...

300-year old weeping cherry tree Sacrificial burnt Jizo Anzan-ji Koyasu Jizo
ushers in the spring season in Murou town. saved an innocent girl from being burned at the stake. enshrines Koyasu Jizo, who is worshipped for safe childbirth. grants wishes for bearing children and safe childbirth.
Murouji Temple Tabinohoshi Murouji, Japan vol.6
Murouji, the Women’s Mt.Koya Be sure to visit Murouji, also known as the Women’s Mt.Koya, a mountain temple surrounded by beautiful nature in Murou town, Uda city, Nara pr...

Murouji, Main hall of Murouji 5-storied Pagoda Buddhist imagery
also known as the "Women's Mt.Koya." exudes the aura of priceless national treasures. shines briliiantly in the spring light. as objects of veneration rather than just something to look at.
Kasuga Taisha Tabinohoshi Kasuga Taisha, Japan vol.5
Kasuga Taisha - Shunsai and Autumnal Leaves World heritage - Kasuga Taisha. It participates in "Shunsai" which has continued in 900. The Shinto rite which cannot be seen usually is...

Kasuga Taisha Shrine Shunsai, Middle gate and hall Kagura,
visitors are greeted by sacred deer, a protected species. highly formal festival, observed every month on days ending with "1." sacred music and dancing. performed in the "Apple Garden."
Omihachiman (Part 2) Tabinohoshi Omihachiman, Japan vol.4
Omihachiman - Constructed by Toyotomi Hidetsugu It is immersed in Toyotomi Hidetsugu's thought and travels in the circumference of the Yawata ditch. Please feel the drama of passion and misfo...

Elegant landscape Toyotomi Hidetsugu, Specialty store Mount Hachman
changes from season to season in Omihachiman, local town in Shiga prefecture. is the founding father of Omihachiman. He introduced free markets and open guilds. who sells fu wheat gluten, one of Japanese foods. is 271 meters above sea level. It commands a panoramic view of Omihachiman City and Lake Biwa.
Omihachiman (Part 1) Tabinohoshi Omihachiman, Japan vol.3
Omihachiman - Home of Omi trade It travels in an Omi merchant's home country. It is as Shinmachi by whom it is full of a feeling of the nostalgia, and feels the heart of trade...

Omi merchants Warehouse Manager's office Home of Trade
The philosophy is sanpo-yoshi. It advocates benefit to the seller, buyer and local community. - Omihachiman
Kumano Kodo Kumano Kodo, Japan vol.2
Nakahechi Kumano Kodo World Heritage This time, it travels in about 4 km from Takijiri-oji to the village of plateau fog. Please feel Nature and the mystery of Kumano.   *Narrat...

Kumano Kodo-Kan, Acient history Takahara Kumano-jinja Satoyama woodlands
the interpretive center at the gateway to the sacred region at Takijiri. comes to mind as you travels the old road amidst mysterious natural scenery. enshirined here is an 11-headed Kannon. The panoramic view of satoyama woodlands is simply breathtaking.
Naruto - Whirlpool Tabinohoshi Naruto, Japan vol.1
Touring in Naruto - Whirlpools in spring The first shooting of Tabinohoshi video was done in Naruto-City, Tokushima. Overwhelmed in the magnificent whirling current, but it is Naruto of on...

Awa Odori German soldiers Udon Horaku-yaki,
is held in many locations across Tokushima Prefecture, starting with the Naruto City Awa Odori early August. performing Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in the Naruto German House. This dish features noodles of uneven thickness in a golden soup stock. a local cuisine, made from the most of the relish of fresh food materials.