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Introduction to the Masters Koshien Baseball Game

 In Japan, every spring and summer, a nationwide high school baseball Invitational tournament is held at Koshien Stadium. All the high school baseball players aspire to set foot on this sacred ball park. However, most of them lose during the regional preliminary tournaments before they're able to get here. Many of them losers can't give up their dreams of playing baseball games here at Koshien. So, this "Masters Koshien" game was started in 2004 by some of those ex-high-school-baseball players who are still passionate about baseball and therefore, can't give up taking part in a baseball game at Koshien even after they grow up to be old enough. Each participant makes up their team based on their alma mater and reunites with their old teammates to fight it out in the regional preliminaries.

 This year, in the 11th Masters Koshien game, 16 out of a total of 358 teams brought the heat on the "Field of Dreams" after emerging victorious from the regionals.