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Introduction to the film "Again: Koshien, 28 Years Later"

 The film "Again: Koshien, 28 Years Later" will be showing in theaters nationwide starting from January 17th, 2015. This film is originated from the best-selling novel "Again", which is written on the subject of the "Masters Koshien" by the Naoki Prize-winning author, Mr. Kiyoshi Shigematsu. He is also the head of the cheering squad of "Masters Koshien".

 In the novel "Again", a male ex-high-school baseball player meets up with one of the student staff members of "Masters Koshien." Upon this fortunate meeting, he once again decides to try making his dream come true. This is "playing a baseball game in Koshien Stadium" which is an unrealized dream for him. You will be moved by this impressive novel in which come up the hero, his high school baseball team and its members, the reunion team which struggles to reach "Masters Koshien," and his friends and family members who kindly encourage him.