Model Tourist Routes in Kansai

Model Route - (8)
5 hours
 This course will bring you in touch with the mysticism of Kyoto.

This course includes a visit to the Higashiyama area which has one the most famous Buddhist temples in Kyoto, Kiyomizu Temple, which is full of the charms of an ancient captial. It is a kind of academ

59.Kyoto National Museum
Housing approximately 12,000 pieces of valuable cultural assets

58.Kiyomizudera Temple
Command the view of Kyoto City from Stage of Kiyomizu

55.Gion Area
The red-light district that represent Kyoto
(time required : 5 hours )
Model Route - (9)
5 hours
On this course you can experience with history and nature in Kyoto.

You can visit the north part of Kyoto, which combines the riches of Nature and history & culture of Kyoto into one. It is an easy walking route whose traquil atmosphere will give you peace if mind.

49.Shimogamo Shrine
Kyoto's oldest shrine lapped in woods

48.Kamigamo Shrine
Retaining the flavor of imperial Japan

47.Kyoto Station Building Ozora Hiroba
Kyoto's new source of information
  • Subway Umeda Stn.
  • [approx. 3 min.]
  • Subway Yodoyabashi Stn.
  • [approx. 1 min. Walk]
  • Keihan Yodoyabashi Stn.
  • [approx. 53 min.]
  • Keihan Demachiyanagi Stn.
  • [approx. 10 min. Walk]
  • 49.Shimogamo Shrine
  • [approx. 30 min. Walk] 
  • Kyoto Botanical Garden
  • [approx. 20 min.]
  • 48.Kamigamo Shrine
  • [approx. 20min. Walk]
  • Subway Kitayama Stn.
  • 47.Kyoto Station Building Ozora Hiroba
  • JR Kyoto Stn.
  • [approx. 27 min.]
  • JR Osaka Stn.
(time required : 5 hours )
Model Route - (10)
1 day
Course to fully enjoy the attractions of Kyoto.

In this course, you will visit places of interest in the old capital, viewing steam locomotives or riding a Trolley train in which you can view the beautiful valley scenery, and ride the Hozu River on

47.Kyoto Station Building Ozora Hiroba
Kyoto's new source of information

45.Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum
The Museum where real steam locomotives run

44.Toji Temple
The five-story pagoda is Japan's tallest wooden tower

37.Trolley Train
Enjoy the spectacular scenery of Hozu Gorge

46.Walk in Arashiyama
A famous place of cherry blossoms and colored leaves in Japan
  • JR Osaka Stn.
  • [approx. 27 min.]
  • JR Kyoto Stn.
  • [approx. 1 min. Walk]
  • 47.Kyoto Station Building Ozora Hiroba
  • [approx. Kyoto City Bus]
  • Nishihonganji Temple
  • [approx. 20 min. Walk]
  • 45.Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum
  • [approx. 20 min.]
  • 44.Toji Temple
  • [approx. 20 min.Walk]
  • JR Kyoto Stn.
  • [approx. 12 min.] 
  • JR Saga
  • [approx. 1 min. Walk]
  • Trolley Saga Stn.
  • 37.Trolley Train
  • [approx. 30 min.]
  • Trolley Kameoka Stn.
  • [approx. 15 min. by Shuttle Bus]
  • Hozu River Depot
  • Hozu-gawa Kudari (The Hozu River ride)
  •  [approx. 2 hours]
  • 46.Walk in Arashiyama
  • [approx. 5 min. Walk]
  • Hankyu Arashiyama Stn.
  • [approx. 45 min. Walk]
  • Hankyu Umeda Stn.
(time required : 1 day )