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Aiming to become Kyoto’s new signature night event starting from the 21st century, Kyoto Hanatouro began in 2003 in the Higashiyama area. Adorned by “illuminations” from approximately 2,500 shaded open-air paper lant...

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It is Sauce Katsu-don. “Katsu-don” in Fukui means Sauce Katsu-don. [More...]
Be sure to visit Ohno-dera, where weeping cherry trees ushers in the spring season, and Anzan-ji...[More...]


Tofukuji temple is a very popular spot of autumn foliage. From veranda-like wooden structure, you can command a spectacular view. It is like a sea of red and gold leaves. It is the best time to view. It is worth viewing! Access: about 10 min. from Keihan Tofukuji Station

Event Calendar

December 15th to 18th
Kasuga Wakamiya Onmatsuri
Early December to Decem...
Kobe Kitano Christmas Street
December 31st to Januar...
Geita Festival
December 1st to 25th
Twinkle Joyo
January 2nd
Arima Hot Spring Irizome Shiki
Early January