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Cherry Blossom Festival to be held at Kimiidera Temple—A place to enjoy early blooming cherry flowers
 Kimmiidera Temple is known as a place for early blooming cherry flowers in the Kansai region, and one of the top 100 cherry blossom spots. Since the Temple has about 500 cherry trees and a regular tree, which is used to indi...


Sightseeing News
The season of flower of Ume (Japanese plum) has come in Kansai. It usually lasts through mid of March. The attached are Ume flowers at Osaka Castle Park (as of Feb.25).
recommended routes:This is a wide-ranging course with beautiful scenry and a visit to the port city of Kobe.
On this course, you can see Himeji Castle which is registered as a World Heritage Site, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge which is the longest bridge in the world, and enjoy the attractions of the port city with i

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The charms of Kansai, as introduced by Coordinators for International Relations ― Hyogo Prefecture,Japan ―
I'm James Bollinger from North Carolina, America. I work as a Coordinator for International Re...[More...]
Non- Japanese  residents  introduce  the charms of Kansai. ~Transmit a tradition to the future~  【Chapter 4】
At this place you can learn more about the traditional craft of Sakai city. And also you can buy a...[More...]
Non- Japanese  residents  introduce  the charms of Kansai. ~Transmit a tradition to the future~  【Chapter 5】
Kelp, or Kombu as it is called in Japanese, is mainly harvested in Hokkaido, the northern part of ...[More...]

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Two chefs from Kusatsu City, Shiga win Gold and Bronze at the Culinary Olympics
 Two chefs of two hotels, both located in Kusatsu City, were granted a gold medal and a bronze medal, respectively, at the biggest international culinary competition, the Culinary Olympics, held in October 2016 in Germany. ...
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