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Date: April 29, 2014 (Tuesday, holiday), 13:00–17:00 *Cancelled in case of stormy weather. Venue: Midosuji Boulevard, approx. 1 km, from Shinbashi intersection (at Nagahori Ave.) to Namba Nishiguchi intersection (at N...

KANSAI Close-up

“Washoku” was registered on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list on December 4 last year. In Kyoto, where the sea is far away and fresh fish are difficult to come by, one of the main ingredients for Japanese cuis...

Kansai Window TV

The first shooting of Tabinohoshi video was done in Naruto-City, Tokushima. Overwhelmed in the ma...[More...]
Born and raised in Sakai, Rikyu perfected the wabi-cha style, serving powerful warlords Oda No...[More...]


“Matabei” sakura is a beloved giant draping cherry tree planted in Hongo area in Uda city, Nara Prefecture. The name of the tree is from “MATABEI GOTO”, a feudal warlord. The tree is rooting on the ruin of his residence. The tree has a tremendous impact as it is over 30...

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