Kansai Information

Spring Awa Dance at Hana Haru Festa 2015 (Sat–Sun, April 18–19, 2015)
 The spring Awa Odori dance festival, “Hana Haru Festa 2015,” will be held in Shinmachigawa Riverside Park area in Tokushima City (5-minute walk from JR Tokushima Station), for two days on April 18 and 19.  In the hop...

KANSAI Close-up

Kansai University and Teijin develop world’s first wearable device that can monitor human actions
 Yoshiro Tajitsu, a professor at Kansai University, and Teijin Limited (Osaka, Japan) have jointly developed the world’s first wearable sensors using a special fabric that can detect human body movements.  The new fabri...

Kansai Window TV

Non- Japanese  residents  introduce  the charms of Kansai. (Vol.3)
Hi everyone, my name is Jenifer Tanikawa and I am a second generation Japanese Canadian hailing from...[More...]
Non- Japanese  residents  introduce  the charms of Kansai. (Vol.2)
Hi. I'm Mike Rhodes. I'm from the state of Colorado in the United States. But, today I wan...[More...]


Sightseeing News
The attached are photos of Ume, Japanese Plum Blossom, in Osaka Castle Park. They are now at their best. According to a weekly weather forecast, it is getting warmer and warmer from one day to the next. Cherry blossom comes after Ume soon!!
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