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Aiming to become Kyoto’s new signature night event starting from the 21st century, Kyoto Hanatouro began in 2003 in the Higashiyama area. Adorned by “illuminations” from approximately 2,500 shaded open-air paper lant...

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Welcome to Awara Onsen! The woman in a kimono greeting guests in the lobby is this establishment&#...[More...]
The first shooting of Tabinohoshi video was done in Naruto-City, Tokushima. Overwhelmed in the ma...[More...]


The attached are photo reports from Nara Park. Wild deer is popular as a symbol of Nara Park. The Park is inhabited by approximately 1200 wild deer and visitors come in contacts with those deer. Enjoy autumn scenery special to Nara Park, which is created by red leaves and deer! ...

Event Calendar

November 23rd
Yabusame Festival (archery on horseback)
December 15th to 18th
Kasuga Wakamiya Onmatsuri
Early December to Decem...
Kobe Kitano Christmas Street
December 31st to Januar...
Geita Festival
December 1st to 25th
Twinkle Joyo
January 2nd
Arima Hot Spring Irizome Shiki